Over the moon for Under the Tree

“I have just finished reading Under the Tree by Greg Stone and was so touched by its simple story regarding a complex issue. I think that everyone is curious about life after death, and this story gives the reader a wide open ticket to explore it from all angles.

I loved how the chapters switched back and forth from the hospital to heaven. This creative choice made it so interesting to follow and really helped keep the flow swift and strong.

There are so many great moments between characters. In the middle of the book one of the characters helps the main character Ray realize that “he has forgotten who he is and that it is his thoughts that create the world he lives in” This among many more enlightening epiphanies are sprinkled throughout the book to help lift the main character and the reader to ideas that inspire your mind and spirit.

I highly recommend this book, Under the Tree to anyone who is looking for a story that will empower and enlighten.”
— Heather Simpson