Under the Tree book

They didn't know if he would live. He didn't know he was dead. What will you experience in the afterlife?

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About the Book

Readers are transported into the post mortem state in this novel of the near-death experience. Under the Tree, in the tradition of The Tibetan Book of the Dead, explores death, dying and the afterlife, from the point of view of characters entangled in a life-and-death crisis.

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Philosophical Roots of the Book

Under the Tree, a novel of the near-death experience, revisits ancient philosophical traditions that have faded from view in the face of philosophical materialism. As trendy materialism begins to show its weaknesses, the enduring wisdom of the ages reasserts its ability to address the deeper questions of life and death.

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Mix The DaVinci code, with The Tibetan Book of the Dead with a bit of fantasy and you have Under the Tree. A fantastic book.

Under the Tree takes one on a path of self discovery and helps to show how we are all interconnected and that life truly does have a purpose, if only to live each of our lives to the fullest.

I highly recommend this book to all those searching or questioning the path they have chosen and need a new perspective.”

— Catherine Alta

This book is a great gift for:

  • Spiritual Seekers
  • Buddhists
  • Those who have experienced near-death
  • People experiencing grief after losing a loved one